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Parking your Car for Less Near Sea-Tac Airport

Parking your car at the Sea Tac airport in Washington can be a hassle if you are not willing to pay the prices that they have for short term and extended stays, but this is often the best way to keep your car safe in your absence.  Many people opt to park their cars close to the airport and have a shuttle bus take them to the terminal they need to go to in order to catch their flight but this may leave your car more susceptible to danger.  If you are a person that is looking for a cheap place to park your own vehicle then there are many options to choose from around this airport.  One place that you can go to reserve a parking spot at a discounted price is This site specializes in getting you the parking you want at a price that does not hurt your pocket as much as parking at the airport for an extended stay would, though this is not recommended if you want to keep your car as safe as it can be.  Beyond this, there are many other sites that you can use to get this accomplished and with a little research you may be able to find the price that fits perfectly within your budget.   Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on how close to airports you want to park as well as the area you want to park in.  This is why it is good to research prices through the various sites online in order to find the best one for you.  In addition to this, you may need to research the times that the shuttle buses that cater to your parking area arrive so that you will not run the risk of missing your flight.

Woman Parking CarWhen parking your car at any parking spot that you are unfamiliar with, there are certain precautions that you may want to take to ensure that your vehicle is not damaged or vandalized in any way.   One safety tip that you can use would be to take any valuable out of your car before leaving it.  You can also hide any valuables in a safe place inside your vehicle until your return.   Also, it is important to ensure that your parking place is safe for your car by making sure that this place includes a variety of safety features such as good lighting, security, surveillance and barriers.  All of these safety measures can help you out by giving you peace of mind while you are on your vacation.   Two of the most important safety aspects of any parking lot or garage are cameras and good lighting in order to deter vandals and thieves from getting away with your valuables in the case that you suffer a break in.  It is important that you ensure that your parking space has all of these features so that you won’t have to worry about this occurring.

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