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Less Expensive Weekly Parking by Seattle-Tacoma Airport

If you have ever parked your car at the airport for an extended stay then you know that this can often be the safest way to handle parking your vehicle but it can be expensive. There are a couple of ways that you can save money when it comes to getting adequate parking for your vehicle close to the Seattle Tacoma Airport, including calling the airport to see if you could possibly get a discount on your parking or parking near the airport at a discounted price.  If you do not mind your car being in a parking lot that is not on the grounds of the airport then parking at a lot that is not too far away can be a good way to keep your car close to where your flight lands without paying as much for airport parking but in the case of doing this it is important to know that though the cost may be better there can be downsides to this method of parking your car.

Aeroparking CamerasOne downside to parking your car off-site can be that there may be less security available at these parking lots.  If you are going to be gone for a while then having the right type of security to keep your car safe should be a top priority for you so you may want to really think about the consequences of making this decision.  There are a few features that every garage or parking lot should come equip with in order to ensure that you are secure in the case of something happening to your vehicle while you are not there to see it.  One of the things that a parking lot should come equip with includes cameras.  As cameras can be your eyes when you are gone this is a good security measure to have.  Though a camera cannot physically protect your vehicle they do serve the purpose of helping to deter criminals from getting your valuable possessions or damaging the car.  In addition a camera can alert you to the characteristics or even the license plate number of a person that has committed the crime of taking something out of your vehicle or damaging it, whether it is by hitting your car with another car or vandalizing it.

One other thing to keep in mind when looking for a parking spot that is cheaper than an airport parking space is the amount of light that the place has in order to protect the cars that are parked there.  Purchasing a parking space at a lot that does not have the right amount of light, especially at night, is like taking a gamble with your vehicle because a camera cannot identify a person that is doing harm to your vehicle without it. This will cost you more money in the long run than simply parking at an airport lot, so this is a major aspect to keep in mind when thinking about parking at a discount away from the airport.  In regards to this, it is still encouraged that you park at an airport garage in order to give yourself peace of mind.

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