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Is it Expensive to Use an Airport Shuttle Service?

Aeroparking ShuttleMany people assume that having a shuttle service, to and from the airport can cost a fortune. However, more often than not it can actually save you money. Parking directly at the airport is very expensive, while off-site parking like Aeroparking offers a lower cost alternative. Not only can Aeroparking offer you a less expensive option than parking at the airport itself,  they offer a prime shuttle service to get you to and from your car.

Is it safe? Safety is a feature that almost everyone is worried about when getting ready for a trip, business, or pleasure. Aeroparking has gone to lengths to ensure that their guests are treated with the utmost care. One of the security measures the company has taken is to have someone on staff all hours. By making sure that there is someone there in case of any problems, Aeroparking is helping to protect you and your family. The company has also fenced the entire parking lot to keep out anyone who doesn’t belong.

When you think of a parking lot, one of the first things that come to mind is the dark empty space, that can be scary and overwhelming. Aeroparking has taken care of this problem, and has done so with the environment in mind. By using LED technology Aeroparking is able to provide customers with a parking lot flooded with light, without increasing their carbon footprint. You will have plenty of light to see to get your things together, and your family will be able to see what’s around them.  When you add all the safety features that Aeroparking offers, you’ll see that it will help deter criminals, and keep you and your loved ones traveling in peace.

Reservations? When you are planning your trip, reservations are made for your flight, for your hotel, for your rental car, possibly even any event you plan to attend while you’re gone. What people don’t think about reserving is their parking. Aeroparking offers online reservations; this will help to make sure that you aren’t in a position of having to rush around trying to find somewhere to park when your regular lot is full. Having to look for somewhere to leave your car last minute, especially if you plan to be gone for more than a couple days, can be risky. Instead, you can use their online reservation system, and plan this part of your trip as well.

If you fly often, you should also consider using the perk system that the company has in place. With this, you can keep track of your parking, and even earn rewards, including free parking. Therefore, though parking can be expensive, using a shuttle service can often save you money in the short and long-term. Just as importantly as the fact that you’ll be saving your pocket book, you will be traveling in safety, and you will be able to relax, and enjoy your trip, focus on fun, or on your business.

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