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How to Earn Long Term Parking Rewards for Frequent Fliers

AeroparkingIt is a little known fact that many airlines can offer frequent fliers the option of getting discounts and rewards for parking at certain airports in the US.  One of the airports that has partnered up with major airlines in order to give customers the option of earning for parking is the Lafayette Regional Airport.  Here you can get frequent flier miles from six air carriers when you decide to park your car in one of the short term or long term areas that are present at this airport.  In addition to this airport others have also decided to offer customers incentives to leave their cars in the airport garage as well so it may be a good idea for you to call in and ask about these types of programs before parking.  You may be able to save substantially in the long run if you take advantage of programs like this so don’t hesitate to call in today if you are planning on taking a trip in the near future.

When parking at a lot in a major airport it is important that you ensure that your vehicle remains safe by following some basic rules.  One thing that you can do in order to ensure your car’s safety is to call ahead of time to see if the parking garage has security staff as well as other safety features like adequate lighting and security cameras. Though these items are usually in place it is always good to make sure as they can mean the difference between your car getting broken into by a stranger or vandalized without consequence.  Also, you should always be wary of leaving valuable items in your car that are in plain sight.  This can entice criminals to target your car and damage it in order to get in and take your things.   You may also want to park as far away from other cars as you can in any garage (not just airport garages) if you have the option.  This can help you to avoid unnecessary scratches and dents due to careless drivers.

When thinking about parking at the airport it is important to realize what fees are involved and what you can do to lower these fees. You can research different areas that have discounted prices through using online means and you may find that this is a method that can save you more money than you might originally think.  In order to save the most money you should compare prices and safety between parking lots all around the area.  Though the price to park at an airport garage may be expensive in some cases, especially if you are leaving for substantially long times, it is good to have the peace of mind that comes with parking here because of the added safety measures for your vehicle.  This is something that you cannot get in many other places and that is something to think about when taking your next trip.

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