Aeroparking Blog: All About Parking at SeaTac Airport

How Aeroparking Alleviates the Inconvenience of Flying

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Aeroparking can make your travel plans easier and safer than leaving your car at the airport. If you have spent much time, traveling you will know that finding parking at the airport can be difficult, especially if you are in a hurry. With Aeroparking, you will have a fast safe and easy off-site alternative. Long-term parking can also be expensive, especially if you are doing it often, parking with a reputable company like Aeroparking can make sure that you are leaving your car somewhere safe without having to spend a fortune.

Some people avoid off-site parking because they are afraid the conditions won’t be as safe for them, or for their vehicle. Aeroparking, however, has everything possible ensure that you and your vehicle will be in the safest conditions possible. One of the measures Aeroparking has taken is to use high quality lighting to ensure that you won’t be trying to park in the dark. Their lighting goes a step further; using the best in green technology to ensure that the environment is being helped while still providing you with the best. LED lighting means they aren’t using nearly as much energy to provide you with the same level of safety. Another way that Aeroparking has made their lot a safer place to park is by surrounding it with fencing. The fence makes sure that only those who are supposed to be in the lot can access it.

You’ll also be put at ease by the fact that Aeroparking lets you do your own parking. Some companies insist that they are going to park your vehicle for you, but this has its own risks. When you let someone else park your car you give them access to your personal information, and they likely don’t care what condition they leave your vehicle in. Instead, Aeroparking has you park your own car, and take your keys with you. You can leave your vehicle locked and safe, and make sure that it stays that way until you return.

Aeroparking also makes getting to your flight a hassle free event. Their red shuttles are easy to spot and well known for providing fast and safe travel from your car to the airport. The driver will be happy to help you get your bags on and off the shuttle. The shuttle drops you off in a space where it is easy to get to your flight. When you come home, all you have to do is give the company a call and they will dispatch their driver to come and get you and bring you back to your vehicle.

Using Aeroparking can save you time and money, the company offers lower rates than the airport, and on top of that have a perks program that can save you even more. You’ll have the opportunity to build rewards for your travel, so the next time you fly; your parking might just be free.


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