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Find Parking with a Shuttle Near Seattle-Tacoma Airport

Aeroparking ShuttleAirport parking in Seattle can be a hassle if you do not know where to park but thankfully there is a convenient way to combat this at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport.  The airport parking service in Seattle allows commuters that are going about the business of catching flights to park in designated areas for either long term or short term purposes.  The parking lots that are designated for visitors of the airport are carefully monitored by security personnel so if you are a person that is thinking about parking in these areas you do not have to worry about someone vandalizing your vehicle but you should still check online at the airport website to review the security measures that the airport lists for customers.   In addition to this, you may also want to check the site for the current rates of parking as these are subject to change at certain times.  They also have a complete shuttle bus schedule on this site that can direct you on where to catch a shuttle bus and what the designated arrival times are.

Though separate security is hired at the airport in order to patrol the parking areas and keep your vehicle safe there are a few safety measures that you may want to take when you park your car.  One thing that is important for many to do is to park their cars away from other cars that may be in the parking lot in order to keep it from being dinged or hit unintentionally.  In addition, it may be a good idea to remove or hide any valuables that may be in your car from plain view.  This will protect your valuables as well as prevents damage to your car if someone decides to try to break into it.  When parking at the airport you should also make sure that you roll up all of your windows to make your vehicle less susceptible to danger from an intruder.  If you are really worried about someone breaking in it may also be a good idea to get an alarm system that serves the purpose of alerting authorities to a possible thief.

When it comes to the rates that are charged for you to park your car at the airport they usually charge for every 24-hour period your car is in the lot but it is better to check and see if the lot you choose charges this way as opposed to simply assuming that it does.  In addition to this, some of the parking lots at the airport may only take cash as a payment type so it is good to be wary of this before you decide to park at the airport at all.   In all, it is very appropriate to park at the airport in order to keep your car as safe as possible from harm while you are away on a trip. You should really seek airport parking first before seeking other options.

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