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Environmentally Conscious Parking at the Seattle Airport

Many people around the US are worried about the eco friendliness of many establishments especially places such as airports.  In regards to this it may surprise you that certain airports have taken an environmentally conscious stance when it comes to their facilities.  In the case of the Seattle Airport they have gone so far as to change some of their lighting systems in an effort to be more environmentally conscious.  One airport parking lot in particular called the Aeroparking lot has become more eco friendly through the LED lighting system that has been installed which takes less energy to run but still works very efficiently when it comes to providing lighting for the lot and for your vehicle.


At the Aeroparking place you can get more for your money than just eco friendly lights as they also offer a parking reservation guarantee.  In addition the lot has 24 hour attendants in order to keep your car adequately protected in the case of suspicious activity.  When this feature is added to the fact that they have an around the clock surveillance system this parking lot makes for a very safe place to put your vehicle in the case that you have a rather long trip ahead of you.  In addition to this the parking lot is fenced in order to keep out unwanted intruders and to give you the added peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in good hands.

The Aeroparking lot also has a lot of other good features including the shuttles that take customers to and from their terminals which have drivers who will do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to your luggage.  In you are a person who feels as though you may want to choose this lot to park in then it is important to add extra safety measures yourself even though this is a rather secure space.  One thing that the staff here advises you to do is to ensure that your doors remain locked while you are away.  In addition you may want to practice parking in an area that is away from other cars as not doing this can lead to some damage that the parking lot will not be named responsible for.  In addition you should always keep the valuable items you own out of your car in order to deter any criminals that may see them.   This is good practice no matter where in the airport or any other place you decide to park your car even at home.   If you want to learn more about the Aeroparking lot or about the SEA Tac airport then you can visit their site and the information found here can fill you in on any aspect of the airport you need to know about.  Visit today in order to start learning about the best places to park at the airport and about their rates for parking in order to feel comfortable while you are on vacation.

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