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Eco-Friendly Parking Close to Sea-Tac Airport

Going green is a term that many airports have embraced with open arms as many now have a lot of different eco friendly features including low flush toilets and wind powered electricity.   When it comes to parking lots around the Sea Tac Airport many may be surprised to note that these have become a little more eco friendly themselves.  This is because the Aeroparking lot at this airport has been equip with new low power drawing LED lights which reduce the airport’s carbon footprint as well as provide adequate lighting for your vehicle if you decide to park there.

If you are taking an extended trip and want to leave your vehicle at the Aeroparking lot at Sea Tac then even though it is a well lit area with an extensive network of security cameras you may need to get into the habit of taking certain security measures to ensure your car’s safety and the safety of all of the items inside of it.  This is because there can still be thefts and in order to prevent them these safety measures are necessary.  One thing that you can do to help leave your car secure during your trip is to lock all of your doors before leaving.  In addition to this it is helpful to take everything that could be considered valuable out of your car or at least out of plain site.  Many burglars may be tempted by the fact that there is something of value in your car and may want to break in regardless of security.  This is why you should hide or take such items as GPS systems and other valuable electronics.

In addition to taking your valuables out of your car you can further safe guard the asset of your vehicle by parking somewhere that is not close to others if you can.  Though this may prove to be impossible, especially in the busy seasons of the year such as holidays, if you can do this you may be able to give yourself some peace of mind when it comes to worrying about your vehicle being struck by another accidentally.  It may be a bad experience when you come back if you find your car has been damaged by a careless driver.

AeroparkingIf you are a person that wants to park at the eco friendly Aeroparking lot then you may be worried about how much it may cost you for an extended stay.  In regards to this prices can vary with time so it is always good practice to check the prices before you decide to park there.  You can do this quickly and easily by visiting the airport website and seeing what prices are offered for both short term and long terms stays.  You can also do this by calling into the airport with these questions.  Many may find that airport parking often has prices that are not to their liking but it is important to realize that you are paying for the added measures of security that will help you to have peace of mind while you are away.  This is well worth the money you would pay if your car is damaged with no one to hold responsible for it.

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