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Benefits of Using Non-airport Parking While Away

Regardless of your reason for travel, you have to figure out just what you are going to do with your vehicle while you are gone. Many people think that the airport is the only way to go; however, there are other options, that might just be better, and more affordable for you. If you fly often Aeroparking offers a perks program, where you will earn points for every day you pay to park, it also provides customers with a discount of the standard price. This type of parking can be a safe and easier way to go than parking at the airport itself.

One of the benefits of using non-airport parking is that off-site parking companies put more effort into their safety features. Aeroparking has spent a great deal of time and effort to provide clients with the safest and most affordable way to park their car while they fly. For instance, LED lighting is used to provide a bright and environmentally-friendly way to help you see if you have to park in the early hours of the morning or late at night. So often flights leave at odd hours, and you will end up having to fumble in the dark to look for things before you go, but not with Aeroparking.  The company has also fenced the whole of the property so you can be sure that intruders and others who don’t belong aren’t allowed access.

Aeroparking insists that you park your own vehicle; this isn’t because they don’t want to do the work for you, but instead because it’s safer for you. Many other parking services make you give them the keys to your car while you are away, and have their employees do the parking. This seems like a feature that is to provide you with less work to do, however, it opens you up to a huge security risk. Your home address is likely in your car. When you let someone else drive your car, you are giving them access to any personal information that you keep there, and the knowledge that you are going to be away.  Instead, at Aeroparking you will keep your keys safe in your pocket while you are on your trip.

AeroparkingAeroparking tries to make the process of leaving your car behind as easy as possible. One of the ways the company does this is to provide you with access to online reservations. You can claim a space before the day of your travel, and make sure that you won’t be left searching through full lots. This will also allow frequent fliers to check on the status of their parking history.

Aeroparking offers a free shuttle to get you to and from the airport. The drivers can help you load your luggage, and get it when you arrive. When you are flying out they will drop you as close as possible to your departure check in, and when you are coming home, you can just give them a call and they’ll be on their way to pick you up.

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