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Available Secure Parking when Flying out of Sea-Tac

At the Seattle Tacoma Airport they have many parking spaces available for the short term or long term depending on how long you will be out of the area.  If you are looking for the parking available at this airport and the rates for parking then it would be a good idea to visit the site that they run in order to find this information out.   Listed on the site as well are the schedules for the various shuttle buses that can take you to and from your designated parking area at the airport.  This is convenient for those who need to park somewhere that is not close to the terminal they need to catch their flight in as well as for those who may want to park in a garage to take advantage of the added security.

When parking at the airport it is important to realize that this can be expensive especially if you are seeking parking for the long term but it is worth the money because your car will be well taken care of.  Rates can fluctuate with time and it is good to stay on top of these rates to figure out how much you will be paying upon your return from your business trip or vacation.  They often charge consumers by the day in most airports and Sea Tac is no exception.  Another important thing to realize when it comes to parking here is that is often can hurt you financially to park in a short term lot as opposed to a long term one if you are planning on an extended stay as short term lots often cost significantly more than long term ones.  It would be in your best interest not to make the mistake of getting your lots confused.

Parking Lot SignIn addition to parking at the airport there are various places around the airport that you can park your vehicle at that charge a lower amount than long term airport parking, but though the price may be less the added security you get with airport parking may be well worth the extra money you will spend.  This is because airports usually have paid security staff to monitor your vehicle while you are away.  They also almost always have cameras all around their facilities in order to give you the peace of mind of having your car watched at all times.  If you are a person with a valuable car or who has valuables in your vehicle then this may be the best option for you.  When leaving your car at the airport it is still a good idea to take any valuables with you as you may still be the victim of a crime if you do not.  In addition to this you may want to get into the practice of parking your vehicle away from others as there are some careless drivers out there that can inadvertently hit your car in some damaging way.  In all it is very worth it to park at an airport despite this fact.

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